Wile 26 is a handy moisture meter for measuring moisture content in dry hay, haylage and fresh hay, whether baled or loose.

The bale probe is used to measure moisture content of baled hay. The dish probe is used to measure hay humidity, for instance, in raked hay before baling. In this case the sample is taken for measurement into a clean plastic bucket, and moisture content is measured in the bucket.

The W26 meter features a multi-language text display, and is available with an optional 95 cm temperature probe W651L. Wile 26 is also suitable for bales with higher density.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Manual density compensation (80 kg/m³ to 440 kg/m³)
  • Wide moisture measuring range depending on the scale:
    • loose hay with the dish probe: ca 13–85%
    • baled hay with the bale probe: ca 10–73%
    • baled hay with the bale probe, highly compacted bales: ca 10–50%
  • Repeatability of the measurement results: ±2% points

Wile 26 meters are available with three probes:

  1. Wile 251 bale probe for baled hay
  2. Wile 253 dish probe for loose hay and fresh hay
  3. Wile 651L temperature probe for temperature measurements

Please note that probes are to be purchased separately. The meter cannot be used without a probe.

Product information

9 V
1 year
Wile product code
EAN code


Measured material
Moisture content measurement range
Loose hay (measured with the dish probe)
ca 13-85%
Baled hay (measured with the bale probe)
ca 10-73%
Baled hay (measured with the bale probe, compacted bales)
ca 10-50%