Reliable Wile Moisture Meters

Finnish Wile meters for measuring of moisture content in different materials

Wile – Finnish innovation

Production of Wile moisture meters started in Finland in 1964. Since that year portable Wile moisture meters have served farmers, being reliable devices for measuring moisture content in grain and later of other materials as well.

The functioning of Wile moisture meters is based on a Finnish innovation, the measurement principle developed by Matti Wilska in 1960s, which allowed measuring moisture content in whole grains based on the measurement of alternating current loss. Today, in addition to grains and seeds, Wile is used to measure moisture content in many other materials, such as hay and silage, sawdust, wood chips, peat or even cotton, coffee and cocoa.

Wile moisture meters are still produced and maintained in Finland, taking advantage of many decades of experience and skills. We also ensure that spare parts for models that are no longer produced, are available for years.

Wile – reliable measurement of grain moisture content since 1964

Vanha Wile-mittari pellolla maanviljelijän kädessä maanviljelijän kädessä