Rapid and accurate measurement of rice moisture content, hectolitre mass (test weight) and temperature

Wile 200 Rice measures the moisture content, test weight and temperature of rice quickly and accurately. It also guides you to so that the measurement results you get are as precise as possible. You will receive your measurement results quickly, in less than 7 seconds!

Accurate and reliable measurement result

The Wile 200 Rice meter features a sample size that is clearly larger than in many other meters. The large sample size provides a more comprehensive overview of the rice being measured, avoiding situations where random kernels with higher moisture content distort the result. The handy meter featuring a clear backlit display guides the user and produces reliable measurement results even if applied by less experienced operators.

Applying weight compensation, the meter balances the differences within rice types, as well as structural variations in kernels caused by the change of season.

Also measures the test weight

In addition to moisture measurement results, W200 Rice also displays the current test weight: you will no longer need separate test weight scales.

Excellent ease of use

Using a Wile 200 Rice meter does not require force: just fill the transparent cup attached to the top of the meter, release the rice sample into the measuring chamber, and level the sample with the patented integrated levelling system. Excess rice falls neatly into the trough around the measuring cup.

Measuring can also be fast: W200 Rice does not require cleaning between measurements are made, like crushing meters do.

The set includes:
  • Meter
  • Carrying case and carrying strap
  • Batteries
  • USB-cable
  • Operating manual.

The typical moisture content range for white rice is 6-24%, with 4-27% for paddy rice. Repeatability of the measurement results: ±0.3% points for stored rice.

Important! The scale settings of a Wile meter are adjusted to match the common standard rice types as closely as possible. However, properties of rice are likely to vary due to, for instance, varying growing conditions or new species. Always take several samples and use their average as the result.

Tip! You will get the best measurement accuracy for your rice if the temperature of the meter and the rice is within the range of 16-32˚C. The temperature of the meter and rice have to match each other as closely as possible, and it is advisable to store the sample in a container that is as air-tight as possible. In order to obtain a reliable result, the sample has to be representative.

Please note that with subsequent software updates both the number of measured rice types as well as the moisture measurement range could possibly change.

Product information

Backlit guiding LCD display
USB-port for scale upgrading
Automatic temperature compensation
Patented, integrated sample levelling system
Automatic averaging
Automatic power OFF
Low battery voltage alert
Operating temperature range
Display resolution
0.1% points
4 x AA
1 year
Wile product code
EAN code

Measured rice types

Measured rice
Moisture content measurement range
White Jasmin <17
White Jasmin >14
White Basmati
White Long Rice <15
White Long Rice >13
White Short Rice <15
White Short Rice >13
White Glutinous Rice <18
White Glutinous Rice >15
Paddy Rice